What is Respite Care?

Respite care is temporary care of a sick, elderly or disabled person, providing relief for their usual carer. Rather than providing long-term or lifelong care in a home, respite offers carers the opportunity to receive some extra support and take a break from caring for their loved ones. This type of care can last for a few days to a few weeks. It can be pre-arranged or, in cases of emergency, be unplanned. For example, if the usual carer should suddenly be taken ill.

St Vincent Care Homes Ltd offers respite care for both residential and dementia care, ensuring that the stay is tailored to suit the individual health care needs, including all forms of dementia, physical needs, mobility issues, dietary requirements and any long-term illnesses or conditions.

When might respite care be needed?

If a carer becomes temporarily unavailable due to work, family commitments, illness or a holiday, or needs to take a well-deserved break from what can be a very demanding role, a short stay with St Vincent Care can be a great option. Respite care allows carers the time to look after their own needs, whilst feeling safe and comfortable in the knowledge that their loved ones are receiving the very best care and support. As well as this, the one receiving care can also benefit from the break too; a new environment, new people and new activities can provide a new lease of life.

Individuals can enjoy a range of activities during their stay, including singing, live music, gentle exercise classes and inter-generational sessions. St Vincent Care is committed to supporting its residents to live as active a life as they can, whilst, where possible, maintaining their independence.

Respite Care at St Vincent Care Homes Ltd.

St Vincent Care provides respite breaks in warm, friendly and welcoming environments, facilitated by a qualified, experienced and dedicated team. Time will be taken to ensure a bespoke personal care plan will be put into place to provide a truly personal service to the individual.

Regular respite breaks can also help to prepare you and your loved one with the transition to full-time care. The thought of moving into a care home or community setting is often a nerve-wracking one, but having regular breaks offers all involved the opportunity to be better adjusted if full-time care is needed in the future.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you, or a loved one, could benefit from respite care with St Vincent Care Homes Ltd, feel free to get in touch with your local home and book a visit.