Our Care

No two people are the same. As such, staff at our homes will put together a tailored care plan for each person, based on a thorough assessment. This plan is regularly reviewed to identify any changing needs, and to ensure that a consistent and appropriate level of care is provided at all times.

We work in conjunction with local GP’s and community health services to ensure the best possible package of care and support is available to every resident.

Our Mission

Our mission is to focus on improving and developing:

  • the quality of care, hospitality and choice we offer our residents
  • the quality of our staff, their experience, development and behaviour
  • the quality of the environment we choose and the buildings we operate

Our Philosophy

We are an established provider of care on the south coast and our inspection reports reflect the high quality we are attaining as a company.  We achieve this by working as a family and in partnership with our residents, staff suppliers and the authorities.  We welcome and actively seek feedback from all these stakeholders so that we can continue to improve.

We are fully committed to the implementation of quality systems and we regularly perform audits of our own performances.

Our Values

  • Respecting peoples individuality and promoting equality and diversity
  • Working together to make quality a way of life
  • Respecting and supporting the communities we serve
  • Being honest, fair and ethical in everything we do
  • Recognising and appreciating the individuality of our residents and staff
  • Accepting responsibility for our actions
  • Providing a pleasant and homely atmosphere for our residents

Our Family Promise

St Vincent Care Homes – Our Family Promise

Safe – We promise to do everything in our power to keep all of our ‘family’ safe
Trust – We promise to be honest, open and transparent with each other

Voice – We promise to listen to each other & ensure that everyone in our ‘family’ has a voice
Inclusive – We promise to treat each other fairly & respect each other’s differences
Nurturing – We promise to care for & encourage each other to be the best that we can be
Compassionate – We promise to treat each other with kindness & put ourselves in each other’s shoes
Empowering – We promise to give each other the power and authority to do what is right
Non-discriminatory – We promise to respect the views, beliefs and rights of each other
Teaching – We promise to grow and learn from each other and from experiences

Communicate – We promise to talk to each other and have the courage to challenge ideas
Accountable – We promise to take responsibility and offer explanations for our actions or inactions
Reasonable – We promise to be reasonable in our expectations and proportionate in our response to events
Enterprising – We promise to be hardworking, do the best we can and be forward thinking

Homely – We promise to create and maintain a clean, attractive environment with a ‘home from home’ feel
Opportunities – We promise to create opportunities and strive for success for all of our ‘family members’
Motivated – We promise to positively motivate each other and always work for the good of the ‘family’
Empathetic – We promise to always try to identify and connect with the thoughts, feelings and attitudes of others
Solidarity – We promise to be supportive of each other; working together to achieve the best outcomes for everyone

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